About Us


Prohibition Partners unlocks the potential of cannabis through data, analysis and intelligence. It provides advisory services and strategic solutions to an international client base of investors, operators, blue chips and government organisations. The company is part of a wider B2B group that includes Cannabis Europa, Business of Cannabis, BusinessCann and Atalis.

Atalis™ Beta provides data-driven solutions to investors, operators, blue chip companies, FMCG brands, government bodies and educational institutions.

The platform helps Atalis™ Beta subscribers to make informed decisions, gain competitive advantage and grow with confidence.

Atalis™ Beta

Over the coming weeks and months, expect to see a slew of new features like in-platform networking, social listening and market sizing tools, as well as a continual expansion of data available as the platform moves from Beta to Atalis™ 1.0. 

Help shape the future of Atalis™ and be part of what comes next. Become an early adopter and gain an advantage over your competitors.

Unlock your potential today.

Get unrivalled cannabis industry data, media, intelligence and insight for informed decision-making with Atalis™ Beta.