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Investors, regulators, businesses and brands can use Atalis™ Beta to bring clarity to the complex global cannabis industry and make informed decisions through trusted data, analytics and insight.

In-depth cannabis market insights

Gain insights into all major global cannabis markets, including the United States, Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom. Drill down into more than 200 dashboards and 20,000 data visualizations. Get data on cultivation, legislation, distribution and more.

Global index of cannabis companies

Access an industry-first, detailed, and growing global index of cannabis-related businesses (CRBs) from all over the world. View financial data, cultivation activity, retail operations and more. 

Extensive media archive

Access the largest media database in the cannabis industry, with thousands of archived articles and a current news feed populated with over 1,000 new articles monthly. Filter news and views intuitively by source, cannabis type, category and keyword. 

Exclusive reports and research

Download industry-leading reports from Prohibition Partners as part of your Atalis™ Beta subscription. Join more than 150,000 readers already benefiting from unique research on commercial opportunities, market sizes, global trends and regulatory developments. 

Shaping the future of global cannabis

Like the global cannabis industry, Atalis™ Beta will grow exponentially. Expect to see new features like in-platform networking, social listening and market sizing tools, plus an extensive and continual expansion of data available as the platform transitions out of Beta.


Rivalled by Few. Trusted by Many.

“Prohibition Partners have delivered comprehensive and reliable insights each time we’ve collaborated. Whether it’s for consulting, data or marketing support they’re our go-to guys for anything related to the European market.”
Michael Sassano, Founder, Chairman and CEO, SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals

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Access unrivalled cannabis industry data, media, intelligence and insight for informed decision-making with Atalis™ Beta.