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Join over 150,000 professionals already benefitting from Prohibition Partners' industry-leading data, intelligence and insight. Unravel the complexity of the global cannabis industry with our special pricing for Atalis™ Beta.

Beta Lite

  • ✔ Free Reports
  • ✔ Geographical Data
  • ✔ 40 Data Dashboards
  • ✔ 250 Data Visualizations
  • ✔ 1,000+ Data Points
  • ✔ Limited Data
  • ✔ Regulations Overview
  • ✔ Medical Cannabis Overview
  • ✔ Pharmaceutical Cannabis Overview
  • ✔ CBD & Hemp Overview
  • ✔ Basic Company Directory
  • ✔ Lite News Feed
  • ✔ Weekly Newsletter

Beta Premium

  • ✔ Free Reports
  • ✔ Premium Reports
  • ✔ Advanced Geographical Data
  • ✔ 200+ Data Dashboards
  • ✔ 20,000 Data Visualizations
  • ✔ 1,000,000+ Data Points
  • ✔ Cultivation Data
  • ✔ Manufacturing Data
  • ✔ Retail Data
  • ✔ Distribution Data
  • ✔ Science/R&D Data
  • ✔ Financial Data
  • ✔ Consumer Product Data
  • ✔ Medical Cannabis Data
  • ✔ Pharmaceutical Cannabis Data
  • ✔ CBD & Hemp Data
  • ✔ Global Company Index
  • ✔ Current News Feed
  • ✔ Media Database & Archive
  • ✔ Legislation & Regulation Updates
  • ✔ Prohibition Partners LIVE Event Tickets
  • ✔ VIP Networking for Virtual Events
  • ✔ Weekly Newsletter
  • ✔ COMING SOON: Social Listening
  • ✔ COMING SOON: Market Sizing Tool
  • ✔ COMING 2021: Networking Hub

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atalis™ Beta?

Powered by Prohibition Partners, Atalis™ Beta is a data intelligence platform for the global cannabis industry. It is designed to help cannabis industry stakeholders make informed decisions, gain competitive advantage and grow with confidence. The platform will move from Beta to Atalis™ 1.0 in the near future.

How does Atalis™ Beta pricing work?

Premium subscriptions are billed monthly at a cost of €199 (ex. VAT/taxes). You will be billed in your currency (e.g. $199). A Monthly subscription has a 12-month minimum term. Lite subscriptions are currently free.

Where does Atalis™ Beta source its data from?

Atalis sources its data from a variety of vetted, credible sources from all over the world (including official data). Atalis also acquires its own data through parent company Prohibition Partners and additional market research. All data is collated, analysed and formatted by an expert in-house team of data scientists and analysts.

What kind of data can I access in Atalis™ Beta?

We provide data on pharmaceutical, medical and CBD cannabis types, with specific data on cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, retail, healthcare, research and development, finance, consumer attitudes and products. 

Can I download industry reports?

Premium users get access to all industry reports available for download from the Atalis platform. A limited range of free reports is also available for Lite users to download. New reports will be published regularly, exclusively available through Atalis. 

How is Atalis™ Beta different?

Atalis provides in-depth, global cannabis industry insights for both emerging and already-established markets. Our data digs deep down into the detail of topics such as market potential, country-specific cultivation, global regulations and legislation. 

How often is data updated?

Consumer-focused and commercial data, as well as global legislation and news, can change at speed. We employ an agile methodology to updating data, ensuring the platform is as relevant as it can be at any given point in time. Expect data to be updated and/or added weekly.

How do I get access to Atalis™ Beta?

Atalis content is purely via subscription and requires you to sign up for a Lite or Premium plan. Once signed up, you can access the platform anytime from anywhere in the world – all you need is an internet connection.

Unsure which Atalis™ Beta subscription is best for you?

Our Customer Success team is on-hand to help.