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Voyager Life Plc
Premium UK CBD Oils, Edibles and Topical Products Welcome to Voyager’s premium CBD shop. Here you can browse a wide range of high-quality products made with the finest ingredients available on the market. Our CBD product range is formulated with 9
Votum World is a Spanish brand dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of CBD products in a sustainable way for the environment. It sells technological products aimed at adults with the aim of making a difference in the new daily life an
Aqua Sativa Ltd
MedReleaf Australia
MedReleaf Australia is licensed to cultivate and manufacture medical cannabis by the Federal Government’s Office of Drug Control (ODC) and also holds licenses to import, export, wholesale and distribute medical cannabis products. Australian-owne
Swiss Gate AG
SWISS Gate AG is specialized in the development and distribution of innovative as well as exclusive natural products with hemp plant ingredients. The vision of SWISS Gate AG is that thanks to the highest quality standards, expertise and transparenc
Cannacares has been distributing CBD products direct-to-consumer via the Cannacares website. Having sold a range of delivery methods, it quickly became apparent that CBD patches were the most popular delivery method among our customer base. Cannacare
Dragonfly Biosciences
Dragonfly Biosciences Ltd is a fully integrated, award-winning agribusiness specialising in farming the finest organic Cannabis Sativa L. Our team of specialist farmers, scientists and formulators design and develop CBD-infused products from seed to
Our team at Goodrays got together around a shared respect for a super natural plant. No other plant in history has turned the energy of the sun into quite as many useful and important things that support and sustain human life and wellbeing on our pl
Atalis Product Testing
Cannabinoid potency testing, using High Performance Liquid Chromatography, is carried out to determine the concentrations of major and minor cannabinoids in cannabis and hemp products. Heavy metals analysis in cannabis and hemp products is necessary
Eusphera’s aim is to create innovative and natural products to optimise health and well-being. Eusphera products are antidotes to modern times, obtained by applying a rigorously scientific method to the potential offered by nature.Since 2016, Eu

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