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Biosyyd is committed to a future of health and wellness, providing the absolute best in industrial hemp products.

Trust. Transparency. Traceability.

We believe in creating products and ingredients at the highest possible quality and consistency levels. As a fully vertically integrated company, we guarantee it.
We supply the highest quality Industrial Hemp derived products and ingredients to our customers worldwide — with passion.

Our EU Certified Genetics.
Lithuania is a country with a strong pedigree in agriculture and cultivation of Industrial Hemp. Our geographic area is famous for its clean air, soil, and underground waters which make our products organic and top quality. Open-air conditions – that’s where you can find our hemp growing and we strictly use no pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals in any stage of the cultivation phase.

Our Dedicated Team.
We are a rapidly growing team of hemp growers, technical engineers, chemists, botanists, economists and quality control specialists. We are focused on the research and applicability of natural herbal remedies to cosmetics, supplements, functional food, and more.

Our Unwavering Focus.
We develop scientific processing of various active plant materials. This enables the production of valuable nutrients and biologically active substances for various industries. Our newly built processing laboratory houses R&D infrastructure equipt for superfine extraction, distillation, fractionation and vibration separation. Our top-notch analytical laboratory meets the highest production and research standards. Our long-standing experience and expertise, academic partners and state-of-art facility allow us to carry out R&D activities, develop prototypes and work on commercialization of novel formulations.

Our Consistent Quality.
Our quality control begins with the seeds, tested to ensure we use only the finest, most stable EU-certified genetics. The plants are then tested to ensure they contain high levels of necessary compounds and are free of all contaminants, such as heavy metals or pesticides. After harvesting, we test again to confirm potency and to ensure the material is contaminant-free. We repeatedly test throughout processing, formulating products such as our tinctures and edibles, and verifying accurate formulation and specification adherence. All products are tested a minimum of six times before reaching our customers, including with 3rd party laboratories, ensuring the finest possible quality of all our final products.

Our Reputable Certifications.
It all starts with a selection of EU certified genetics, cultivating at GLOBALG.A.P. certified standards. We implemented the of Food Safety Management System according to the requirements of ISO 22000:2018. In addition, we comply and produce under traceable and transparent set of EU Cosmetic GMP (ISO 22716:2007), EU Pharmaceutical GMP (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and in full accordance with Kosher values.

Our Research and Development.
We are actively working on preclinical research and development of cannabinoids as a promising novel treatment strategy targeting numerous diseases affecting human health. By using state of art techniques as well as by collaborating with research institutions worldwide, we are developing novel antimicrobial, cytostatic and anti-inflammatory products that are currently investigated in the preclinical research and development pipeline. Recent studies demonstrating antimicrobial activity were presented at the international ASM Microbe 2022 conference in Washington DC, USA and ESCMID/ASM 2022 Conference on Drug Development in Dublin, Ireland.

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