Europe’s Wholesale Cannabis Marketplace

Atalis provides the digital commerce infrastructure and tools for legitimate businesses to flourish in the European cannabis industry. The marketplace fuels trade, raises standards, opens up growth and, in doing so, removes many of the barriers that have held the market back over its early years.

Wholesale buying and selling of cannabis products in Europe has not been easy, hindered by a lack of trust and general negative sentiment across the industry. Atalis is now set to rapidly improve buyer confidence, fast track the growth of reputable suppliers and become the platform that enables successful, long term commercial partnerships built on trust and transparency.

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Atalis is part of Prohibition Partners, the discovery platform for B2B cannabis. The group has unrivalled reach, relationships and influence across the European cannabis industry. A unique, multi-channel offering that provides fully integrated solutions across conferences, content and commerce.

Our practical goals

Our overarching goal is to provide the European cannabis industry with the trust and transparency needed to flourish.

Join up the European supply chain

Right now it is inefficient, scattered and disconnected. Atalis will facilitate an organised, functional supply regime, bringing together a region-wide network of reputable businesses.

Make it safer to trade

The Atalis platform is fundamentally built on compliance. Only vetted businesses and sell and only vetted customers can buy. This makes the marketplace attractive for all.

Facilitate self-regulation

Atalis will help the industry to demonstrate its trustworthiness by overcoming pain-points and making testing easier, more accessible and more affordable.

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