Your customers are here. We make it easy to sell to them.

By removing the barriers preventing exponential growth in the European Cannabis economy, Atalis puts you in front of a growing pool of genuine, vetted customers who are already interested in buying.

Stand out, build a reputation, grow your business.

We promote and invest in this marketplace, serving as your new business department, providing a continuous supply of new customers who are only here because they are interested in Cannabis related products.

Low transaction fees. No catches
High standard, low price testing
Get paid fast with no fees
Sell to customers Atalis trust
Instant competitive edge
Build your business with Atalis know-how

Selling Process

Our pre-vetted buyers trust Atalis because they know that we only allow reputable sellers on the marketplace. Here’s how to become one of them.

Register and submit your accreditations

First, set up an account for your company. Then, you’ll be guided through a thorough but simple online registration process. On top of some straightforward business details, we’ll ask you to upload your licences and certifications.

Create your profile

The Atalis user interface makes it easy to create a distinctive online presence for your store, with no previous experience. We’ll give you hints on what to include in your seller description so you attract more of the customers you want.

Upload your products

It’s easy to add and subtract products from your store. A simple store template places maximum emphasis on your products, showcasing them with beautiful clarity.

Go live

Although you can make alterations at any time, publishing puts your store out there for all to see.

Watch the customers arrive

With the right products, you should quickly start selling, learning and building a thriving business on a platform that will grow every day.

Product testing

All products on the Atalis marketplace are batch tested for quality. And we can provide testing via our accredited lab partner – for significantly less than current market prices.

Upload product to Atalis
Purchase testing package for one or more batches
Send samples to our partner lab
Receive Atalis Verified CoAs
’Atalis Verified’ is displayed on product listing

Become a seller that buyers automatically trust

Businesses buy with confidence on Atalis because they know all sellers need to register. We simply need some details that we are sure you will happily provide.


As a potential new seller on the Atalis marketplace you will undoubtedly have questions. Here are the ones we think may be the most relevant to you.

How much does Atalis cost?
A low 4.9% transaction fee is deducted from all purchases made through the Atalis Marketplace. There are no sign-up fees, nor subscription-based account plans.
How does Atalis make money?
A low 4.9% transaction fee is deducted from all purchases made through the Atalis Marketplace. There are no sign-up fees, nor subscription-based account plans. Advertising opportunties via featured products and through Prohibition Partner's media brands are also available to Sellers at [email protected]
How do I get paid?

1 - payments are received by Atalis. After we receive it we send this to the seller to fulfil the order

2 - Once the order has been received and everything is confirmed to be in good order and accounted for, payment is transmitted into the chosen account of the Seller, less 5% of the sale amount (not including shipping fees)

3 - if there are issues regarding shipment or order/products, Atalis will keep sale until a return/refund is agreed upon between the seller and the buyer.

What products can I sell?
You may sell any and all your products on Atalis that comply with European and other regions laws. Please ensure that you check your country or region’s legislation concerning the sale of cannabis products. You may refer to our guide to the legal requirements within the country of registration.
How do I register as a Seller?

Follow the registration link here and register using this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Create your account by filling in your personal information, then choose a password for your Atalis account. Click Next

Step 2: Input your business details into the fields, including your company registration number and VAT.

Step 3: Upload licences

Step 4: Upload Certificates

Step 5: Go into your email inbox that you have used to sign up to Atalis and access the Welcome email you should have received. In this email you will be directed to click a link. This link will authenticate your account and take you to Atalis.

Step 6: Start product uploading and completing your seller profile

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