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The Kanadrinks project has been germinating in the minds of Christian, Marc and Nicolas since 2021.

The first idea was, for be Fruits as for House of Foods, to be able to collaborate together on a product by combining their common skills and knowledge.

be Fruits by contributing its multigenerational know-how in the development and manufacture of apple juice and House of Foods, its links with the hemp industry in Switzerland and its extensive knowledge of the food sector.

The vision for our products has always been very clear; it had to be good, local, new, trendy and sophisticated, otherwise nothing!

Combining all of this, you get these wonderful product lines that we've called Kanabliss “Sparkling Mixer”, Kanabliss “Sparkling Fruit Juices” and Kanaspark.

Kana in reference, of course, to the hemp that we use for our infusions.
Bliss, for the happiness, the sparkling and the freshness that our drink brings to your taste buds.
Spark, for the surprising and intense side.
The combination of Kana and Bliss sounds, to the ear, like cannabis with an added hint of freshness. We are convinced that our drinks will quickly become the original companions of all your aperitifs.

Kanadrinks is actively positioning itself on the Swiss market with the desire that you find our products in all corners of the country, and aims to expand throughout Europe very soon.


Operational Address CHE244755412
Pallatex road 19
Etoy, Waadt, 1163
Corporate Address CHE244755412
Pallatex road 19
Etoy, Aargau, 1163
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