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We are a global bulk ingredient manufacturer. Sanobiotec manufactures isolates as well as various oils and liquids. Our portfolio includes the sought-after minor cannabinoids: CBN, CBC, CBDV, CBGA and CBDA isolates, and the more mainstream natural CBD and CBG isolates.
Quality is everything.
Decades of accumulated experience and knowledge allows us to provide you with copious amounts of both natural and (semi) synthetic compounds at the highest purity. Purity, we believe, is the key factor in wellness, cosmetics and food related markets, where customer satisfaction reviews decide the fate of any brand.
Quality management.
One of the key aspects of our work is correct and ethical quality management. We strictly follow the best practices in manufacturing of biologically active compounds, our production processes are in line with requirements of European PharmacopOeia and ISO standards. What is more, we perform analytical monitoring throughout the whole manufacturing and post-manufacturing process. We are performing analysis after each step in order to be sure that processes are running as they should, this is done, because we thrive to repeatably produce highest purity minor cannabinoids. Thus, we do not limit ourselves with in-house testing, we also perform third party testing in accredited laboratories to verify that the final goods are as good as claimed. All these efforts translate into high levels of trust in our product quality among other players in the cannabinoid market.


Operational Address LT100013198011
Mokslininku str. 12,
Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, LT08412
Corporate Address LT100013198011
Mokslininku str. 12,
Vilnius, Alytaus Apskritis, LT08412
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