Atalis is an online cannabis marketplace for businesses to buy and sell cannabis-related products and services online - easily, safely and confidently.

Businesses in the cannabis industry are finding it difficult to build their brand reputation and increase buyer confidence due to industry-wide misinformation and fluctuating product quality.

Our mission is to support the economic and professional growth of the cannabis industry by providing the infrastructure and tools to establish trust and improve buyer confidence, by mitigating perceived risks and dispelling distrust in the market.

Our Goals

European supply chain integration

Facilitate the integration of the European supply chain, which is at the moment scattered, broken and with limited efficiency by generating a region-wide network of reputable businesses.

Safe transactions

Make transactions safe and attractive for small businesses to big players, by making compliance a key feature of the platform.

Industry self-regulation

Help the industry to self-regulate by providing premium services aimed at tackling key pain points of the industry; providing a verification service that standardises the testing process and assures product safety and quality with 3rd party testing.

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