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Dragonfly Biosciences Ltd is a fully integrated, award-winning agribusiness specialising in farming the finest organic Cannabis Sativa L. Our team of specialist farmers, scientists and formulators design and develop CBD-infused products from seed to shelf. We control the extraction process with our proprietary and fully owned cutting-edge extraction facilities, to deliver the finest and purest products available to our customers.
By using high-quality food-grade Ethanol based extraction technology, we are able to develop high potency distillate for both our Natural flavoured drops offering a lower cannabinoid profile as well as our Broad-Spectrum, which offers a broader cannabinoid profile for the more experienced users or those looking to maximise CBD’s benefits.
Our mission is to continue to produce the highest calibre CBD that instils trust in the brand while putting all of our focus into customer satisfaction.
As times change, our vision hasn't…We strive to maintain being the leading voice within the industry, conveying confidence amongst our customers and consumers in what can be a very confusing market at times. Our rigorous R&D and testing processes are uncompromised by using 2nd and 3rd-party ISO accredited Labs. We have some exciting developments in the pipeline…WATCH THIS SPACE!
Innovation, evolution and growth are key to Dragonfly Biosciences’ ethos, and that's why so many brands have entrusted their products' success with us. With the help of our amazing team, we are able to assist in any white-label development or bulk extract supply with production times ranging from 4-8 weeks.
We're FSA compliant and have submitted all of our dossiers to the EFSA to maximise any brand's success within both markets, whether new or established, looking for a reputable partner.
A trusted brand with a long-standing and stable history, Dragonfly Biosciences operates under GMP and GAP accreditation, supporting every batch with Certificates of Analysis to ensure transparency and consistency.
Dragonfly Biosciences awards include "Best Product" in the category from Boots' Wellness Award, Pharmacy and ‘highly commended at the 2022 MVP awards (Most Valued Product) as voted by independent pharmacies, underpinning the credentials of the Dragonfly brand, attracting the interest of international strategic partners who rely on the expertise, resources and capabilities of our management teams, key personnel and specialist consultants on compliance and "go-to-market" strategic planning to support the full potential of market interests and opportunity in open and new markets.
Dragonfly Biosciences own their formulations sold under the Dragonfly brand and support other brands by delivering safe and quality ingredients products to support their channel-to-market activity in the medical and consumer sectors.

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