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Voon Innovation’s origin came out from a discussion at a dinner at the restaurant Miss Voon in Stockholm June 25th 2020. The people that met had long experience working in the snus industry and the Cannabis industry both in the US and Europe. The topic of the discussion was – “is it possible to make a great smokeless Cannabis alternative in form of a snus”?

The answer is not simple – Water solubility and lipophilicity (fat solubility) are key factors determining drug absorption, the drug must be soluble in the body fluids at the site of absorption and also be enough lipophilic to cross biological membranes.
Traditional snus is a form of smokeless tobacco inside a pouch that is placed under your upper lip. The active component nicotine easily crosses the mucous membranes in the mouth and is quickly absorbed by the blood stream.
The active components of cannabis (THC, CBD, CBG, etc.) on the other hand, do not dissolve in water due to its oily nature and are therefore not easily absorbed by the body.

Our idea was to combine our knowledge from the snus and Cannabis industry with novel formulation technology to find a solution. Our goal was to create a highly intelligent product that not only delivers superior absorption capabilities but also solves the formulation challenges coupled with hemp oil and isolates. Several months of creative meetings and solid experimental research eventually resulted in a natural and safe formulation containing CBD inside a pouch.

We can now present a novel nanotechnology-based formulation which we call ACDS (Alternative Cannabis Delivery System). The system gives a higher and faster bioavailability and maybe more importantly, a better consumer experience.

Voon will continue striving for improved smokeless Cannabis products for our consumers. Our products are free from tobacco or nicotine, gluten and of course vegan proof.

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