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Eusphera’s aim is to create innovative and natural products to optimise health and well-being. Eusphera products are antidotes to modern times, obtained by applying a rigorously scientific method to the potential offered by nature.Since 2016, Eusphera has been a pioneer in Europe for the processing and production of CBD and other non-psychotropic cannabinoids from hemp.Eusphera is a nutraceutical company that acts on the basis of 4 values:
PRODUCT SAFETYWe are one of the few companies in the sector to hold all the certifications required in Italy and Europe to guarantee the quality and safety of our processes and products.

Eusphera cares about the health of people and the planet by making entirely natural, safe and effective products. It is precisely in nature that we continually seek answers to our customers’ needs while respecting the health of our organism. Our products respect nature, starting with our extraction technology, which is completely solvent-free and capable of eliminating any residue to help the health of both our mother earth and the people who use our products. All these elements make Eusphera not only one of Europe’s leading companies in cannabinoid-derived products but above all an absolute guarantee for the well-being of our customers.
Eusphera gets the best from the plant because it extracts the phytocomplex without the use of solvents. Our technology is the only one that preserves 100% of the plant’s DNA, keeping it intact and with a terpene charge more than 20 times higher than common technologies. Eusphera guarantees, in its extracts, the acid forms of molecules that are at the centre of scientific research for their medical efficacy, which is attracting the attention of researchers worldwide. Our technology is the true bridge between man and nature, allowing you to make the most of the benefits offered by medicinal plants.• Research and development laboratory with links to various universities including the Sapienza University of Rome and the University of L’Aquila.• Medicinal plant processing and transformation area including: Bio-Herbolysis enzymatic extraction system Hydrocan system, ultrasonic transformation line, high pressure filtration system with activated carbon, 2 rotavapors, hydraulic press, shorth path distillation system and crystallisation system.• Preparation area for plant biomassThanks to these cutting-edge technologies we are able to create unique products with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Our Extraction Method
Our extraction method is completely organic and solventless, distinguishing it from other methods used to extract Cannabis Sativa L derivatives. Instead of using organic solvents like Ethanol, Butane, and Pentane, our extraction technology can extract and preserve the entire phyto-complex of the plant by utilizing a specific cocktail of Enzymes (Enzyme Assisted Technology).
Our patented enzyme cocktail hydrolyzes the plant matrix, thereby "freeing" cannabinoids and terpenes that solubilize in the Carrier Oil (extra-virgin olive oil, MCT oil, Hemp seed; any vegetable oil). By doing so, we can directly replicate the whole phyto-complex in a carrier oil, including not only cannabinoids but also the entire genetics of the botanical raw material. We don't break the phyto-complex and don't lose volatile molecules like terpenes because of the mild conditions during the process (55° C).
As a result, the Full Spectrum obtained through this process will have 22x the terpene charge of a CO2 extract and contain cannabinoids in their acid form (no decarboxylation), derived from the same biomass. The product then proceeds through our filtration and decolouring protocol, which will remove the chlorophyll (if desired). Not only will the extract turn golden, but it will also improve the taste by removing the bitterness of the chlorophyll. Our extraction efficiency (almost 90%) guarantees the highest possible quality of extracts, all golden & filtered, all produced with a solventless and organic process.
This technology also allows us to manufacture what our customers desire.

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